Theatre Roles


Theater in general is a collaborative art.

It isn’t about the actor – it’s about the team.  While the actors bring to life the playwright’s words, behind the scenes is a team of people who have created synergy to make the production itself happen.  Often new members of a theater company or guild don’t know how to get involved fully.  They see the role of the actor, but aren’t necessarily aware of the many other important people who drive the success of a show.  Unless a person has served in a particular role or been acquainted with such role, they aren’t sure of all the things that that role is supposed to do.  This guidebook, which has been adapted from Theater Ontario’s Guide to Producing in Community Theater, introduces the reader to many of the key production team members and provides a concise description of what each role is, what they do and the desirable skills that can make a person successful in each particular role.

Theatre Roles

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