Grown Azz Kids Community Production Presents: The Playground

The purpose of the Playground  a program and avenue to allow creativity the freedom it deserves. We created a very clear and open platform for this purpose, all the fundamentals of creating a theatrical performance is at one disposal. There are scripts and ideals of plays being crafted as we speak. But the Program is open to all possibilities and ideals for original and classical performances. If you can organize a group who is willing to work together then your ready to go and have our full support.

The Playground is the home of ideas, with forums, play readings and other events built around performance programs. Creating an artistic community, identifying the key social narratives, reflecting the broader community through its storytelling. The Playground  wants to be an unique, intimate and cultural diverse stories, audiences and artists. Our goal is to be create local community productions and become an innovative social and cultural hub that is an inspirational model of urban renewal.

To help get grown azz kids vision as an educational production development center dedicated to education and promotion of good business relations between artists, enutenquers and Businesses. We created a theatre company called The Playground.

The Playground is where GAK will tests out new innovations and artistic practice. It works with a broad audience and wants to expose people to different ways of thinking about artistic practice. The long term goal is that some developmental work and artists will eventually be part of our Grown Azz Kids program.

The artistic vision for GAK is to be a leader in an artistic community, identify the key social narratives, reflect the broader community through its storytelling, provide the best international/national/local work which includes cultural and linguistically diverse stories, audiences and artists; indigenous theatre; large scale theatrical offerings and family programming


 Production Group Workshop

The Playground: Production Group is designed to bring Producers and artist together to work on selected projects. Inspired by LMMS open source software Sharing platform; which is used by Black Ceazar to make music in recent years.

Black Ceazar-

I have been using LMMS off and on since 2007; the program is an excellent design and has awell supporting community. I recently decided to get back into making tracks; due to some projects I wanted to have some music behind. To get back in the swing of things I decided to do some tutorials; while doing the tutorials and checking out the sharing platform. I decided to come up with “The Playground Production Group” . I started created production projects around some of my work such as the comic book, magazine and art collective. I also started selecting some people from the Lmms community to invite to be apart of “The Playground Production Group”. And see if they wanted to be apart of the community projects their work inspired. I recently put some of my tacks and other producers track who I like together for some Ideas for some compilations/mixtapes. I am currently working on three project I would like to share and see if people are willing to particpate.”


I also work with a lot of artist which include people from Wu-tang and also from my magazine which is consist of a lot of underground and up in coming artist. Also this project will be included in the next magazine which I want to work on producing a mixtape for. Next Issue is Called “We Are Mutants”

Here are the Project I’m interested working on:





Grown Azz Kids Vol.5

The fifth Volume of  the Grown Azz Kids “Resurrect Hip Hop” the comic book consist of a series of comic strips i want to give every strip a track making it and comic book/ album. which will be interesting on working on the comic book now im looking for some  tracks and a few artist including myself to do the project. i am setting and early spring date for the project possible and march/April.  here is sample of a strip; i will give updates to the names of the comics strips and tracks  in the near future for anyone who is interested being part of the project.

for more info on the project click here


Hip Obscene Magazine “We Are Muants” Mixtape

Inspired by Marvel’s comic X-men mutants and its comparsion to Underground culture  the next issue will consist of such a theme. the concept of the magazine was thought out before the Sad death of the great Stan Lee.  The Mix tape/complation would be inspired   x-men mutant  and the underground culture for

more info on this project here.

You thought You was Dirty!

Giving homage to the free spirit performers who embody the same mindset and joy as we do; connecting the old with the new and everything in between.  A mix with hip hop and comedy from our greats such as Richard Pyor, Berine Mac, Rudy Ray Moore”Dolomite”, Andrew Dice Clay,  Family Guy, Three Stooges and many more. I have put together some tracks from producer i admired and who work could go with some of the comedy sketches i felt that mix. i am also looking for artist to be on the project.

for more info click here

Also to see any other project that are available to participate in  click here


All Producers who are willing to particpate will be fully credit and if any financial gain comes out of it all parties would be fully compensated for their work. I will actually be pushing the projects to labels and other rescouces (side note my step father is an accountant for many music artist for Def Jam not guarantee nothing but will pursue). Overall is would be a great idea to come together and build on projects. .


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