Tea With the Mad Hatter “Welcome To Wonderland”

Tea With the Mad Hatter “Welcome To Wonderland”

                         “A Journey through the Mind of one who Knows the Wonders of the Mind”

As Alice sat down with a strange individual who gave her insight into a strange place she found herself in, so does our author. An artist/shaman imposes his psychology on a changing world which seems to be heading his direction. What Machiavelli was to courtesan, Dwight Bonair is to Madness.
A descendant from generations of spiritual tribal elders, going back to slavery times in Trinidad, Barbados and other parts of the West Indies.
Similar to sigmuid Freud (title) give and in-depth analysis of the journey of mind of a ma into what he calls madness
I learned my illness could be seen more as a gift than a curse, once I got it under control as for the shaman is known as the wounded healer. One becomes a shaman by overcoming a journey through the lower world, and by helping yourself and others on their journey. To be a shaman is to be your own elder, your own healer; which allows you to help others.   I define the illness of my journey madness, to really help myself through it, and allow me to see the world in a whole new light.
With the up rise of unexplainable psychological behaviors, that has affected people from every aspect of life; from the rich to the poor. Dwight Bonair has wrote a how to book Similar to Machiavelli “The Prince” on how he cope and overcame his ordeal with the madness.  The complete  book, is a series of essays that redefines madness and makes you look at sanity completely differently. There is a humor to the book that is similar to Alice in wonderland with a very up lifting approach.

He depicts all our social issues such as racism, slavery and self-hate as illnesses and demons which he conquers by clarifying, accepting and coming to peace with them. He gives a reason and purpose of their existence and how we have benefited from them, which seems to shed a new light on the issue. You don’t feel like you are reading a lecture, but more of a comedic stand-up routine similar to Seinfeld or David Chappelle. As you go from one essay to the next, they seem to all connect and end off with a peaceful but amazing finally.

Hope I have interest you in reading my work? I look forward to hearing from
you. Thank you for your time.

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