Non Profit Production Community

Life is a production which definitely needs a group corporation. Grown Azz kids  goal is to bring people together. To help build each other up and support each other dreams. To revive those who believe it is to late to fulfill their child hood dreams.  It is never too late for to fulfill dreams, it is what give life and freedom. The ability to bring you dreams back to life and never let them die for deep down you are your dreams.
The mission of the Grown Azz Kids Production Community is to build dreams through education and promotion of good business relations between artists and Businesses. Primarily focusing on the New Jersey Hudson County and New York City area to help build local artist awareness of all genres. Designing platforms and Community productions that will help build good relations between artist and the surrounding areas. Our main focus is in the education of good business management and fair trade among artist and corporate businesses. Using both the internet and live performance and events to help distribute and promote artist work.

The concept of grown Azz kids come from the reality we are mature individuals that are always growing and assuming.  For what is true now might change. And we have the ability to teach each and help each other grow.

Grown Azz Kids was first visualized to be a production spin off of the movie kids with a urban rat pack mentality, with Harold Hunter and Dwight “Black Ceazar” Bonair at the head. Due to uncontrolled situations and the death of Harold Hunter it as lost but not forgotten. With belief in the vision and determination Black Ceazar and Harold Hunter (in the Afterlife looking over him); reinvented Grown Azz Kids.


Grown Azz Kids Production Community will be an educational production development center that will allow artist and participants of all kinds to learn to work together and produce works of art and build good business work ethics. With the realization that many great art and production get under mine and incomplete due to bad business and unfair critcsim. We are focusing on broad audience from ages 17-45 and upwards for our motto is no dream left behind.


Knowing the importance Seriousness of entertainment Business legalities through working and studying under the tutelage of his Step-father James Graves a well-respected business manager and Accountant in the entertainment industry with Clients like DMX, Eve, Ronny Jordan, Dwight Myers

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