You thought you Was The Only One




You thought you Was the Only One


While also doing Vintage comedy sketches mix with hip hop from our greats such as Richard Pyor, Pigmeat Markham, Rudy Ray Moore, Andrew Dice Clay, Three Stooges and many more.

I was talking to my Brother Master Fuol from Lyricist Lounge and Wu Tang when we starting coming up with and idea to so classic comdey sketches. For the Fuol’s World Art Collective which is Music art and Theatre project we working on. We was laughing about Dolomite who we use to hang out with. When i thought let me put some beats behind one of his joints and the idea worked great. So i came up with and idea of doing a comedy/ hip hop compilation in honor of ll the classical great comedians i grew up with and admire. This is how You thought you was Dirty came to be. I was working on learning resharpen my skill in LMMS by doing tutorials the tracks i made using the toturials was the only one’s i had so i put the comedians vocal behind them and it worked great. So I decided to contact the producers who tracks i use to see if they wanted to particpate and ask other if the want to joint in the project. I also have some underground artist i have in mind to get on the tracks. Here are the sample tracks i made for the project here is a list of the Tracks and the producers who made the beat.

below is list of comedians i was to incorporate in the project any interested in the project can pick one and try to make a track from their vocal are welcome.

Side Note: all the Comedian vocals we use, we will be trying to get releases permission to use the samples as the projects goes on. This is the idea which will help bring attention to the project and  more backing. g so once the project is in motion calling up the right contacts is in effect to get the sample released.

Track and Producer

  1. “Bernic Mac ‘I anit Scared’
  2. “Richard Pimp(Richard Pryor)” Offical Track name is B.R.I.N (Black Rich Ignorant Nigga)
  3. “Dirty Hip hop (Redd Foxx)’
  4. “Do you Believe me now(Family Guy)”
  5. “The Player (Dolomite Rudy Ray Moore” 
  6. “Petey Wheatstraw the devil-son-in-law (Dolomite Rudy Ray Moore)” 

 The mixptape will still  consist of 15 tracks  or more which are being produced as we speak so so look out for more to come selected artist and producers will be invited join the project.

list comedians

Richard Pryor

  1. Redd Foxx

  2. Moms Mabley

  3. Richard Pryor

  4. Rudy ray moore dolomite

  5. Lawanda Page

  6. Andrew dice clay

  7. rodine dangerfield

  8. Breanie Mac

  9. Pigmeat Markham

  10. Three stoogies

  11. filp Wilson

  12. Don Rickles

  13. DL Hugely
  14. Jamie Foxx
  15. Katt Williams
  16. Jim Carey
  17. Damon Williams
  18. Eddie Murphy