Grown Azz Kids Vol5. Resurrect Hip Hop

Grown Azz Kids Vol.5


The fifth Volume of  the Grown Azz Kids “Resurrect Hip Hop” the comic book consist of a series of comic strips. I want to give every strip a track making it and comic book/ album. Which will be interesting on working on the comic book now I’m looking for some  tracks and a few artist including myself to do the project. I am setting and early spring date for the project possible and march/April.   I will give updates to the names of the comics strips and tracks  in full detail toanyone who is interested being part of the project.

Theme behind the comic bringing back hip hop from it perceived dead state and going through an whole resurrecting process beginning with pulling out of the ground. Bringing back to life like the Frankenstein monster then taking all on subject and matters that brought death to hip hop. the concept of the comic would be the theme of the track also possibly the chorus. I will put a list of some of the comic srtip/track titles and allow anyone who is interested to come up with a track they feel goes with the theme and build from there is a sample of the comic strip and the possible intro  I made.


Track Themes

  1. I heard rap was dead (intro)
  2. It’s Alive (Frankenstein monster )
  3. i anit got trick
  4. Learn to live or learn to die
  5. Fie fi Fu Fum (giant in the game )
  6. My Slang Game ((my flow ball like)
  7. I keep it stand Up
  8. 5 elment of hip hop is Knowledge (TC Izlam)
  9. You can’t be serious (respect my art/hip hop)

this is just a few of the title of comic strips and tracks which will will be giving more in depth later in the project specially when the comic strip is done which i am working on.

below is the intro