Hip Obscene Magazine : We Are Mutants

Representing artist alter egos and origin stories; showing the comparison of marvel mutants and the underground culture. From their outcast preconception to the acquiring of their mutant powers through personal issues to abnormal conditioning. Then learning how to honing their abilities for the benefit of mankind. The artist alter ego is their super hero that saves them from their plight may it be from poverty or mental anguish which help them fulfill their dreams of save the day for themselves and others. “WE ARE MUTANTS”


WE ARE MUTANTS: COMPILATION MIXTAPE we giving everyone the a chance to make a track related to the subject “we are mutants” the track has to be either related to your super ability as a mutant or in association with mutants or comic book characters must stick to the Subject. We would select some of the participants to be on the Mixtape and have other participate on the site.