David Horsley Independent Production Studio


make films year round, David HoDavid and William Horsely, along with other film independents, succeeded in defeating the monopolistic hold on the industry of Thomas Edison’s Motion Picture Patents Company. However, weather conditions on the east coast made filming an uncertain proposition because camera technology at the time relied on sunshine. Frustrated, and realizing that California afforded the opportunity torsley moved his operations to the west coast.


William was David’s silent partner in “David Horsley Productions” (1916 to 1919) 17 films between) 1916 to 1919 listed in the Internet Movie Data base (IMDB) and possibly the 55 films (1916 to 1919) released using “The Centaur Film Company” Name. “Centaur Film Company”, as a film studio appears to have existed in Bayonne, New Jersey, until the opening of Nestor Studios Hollywood in 1912. The name used again (1916 to 1919, by David Horsley after he sold his shares in Universal Pictures.

Bayonne Spirit of independence just as Mr. David Horsley Dwight Bonair who was raised Bayonne. aspire to create an independent production to be able to have creative freedom form the stereotypical hold of the Same Hollywood David Horsley help create

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