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Hip obscene magazine The documentary never ends

Hip obscene is actually on going documentation of the underground culture that has evolved into what we see as an adventure; this is why we say the documentary never ends. Started in 1998 as an idea to create underground DvD Documentray which was actually which was set to be done by 1999. Set off as an deep desire to document and produce the continous growth of underground culture.

Under the flag company Independently Underground we created a stock pile of more than 200 hours of footage nationally and abroad;which is in the process to be edited for multiple purposes.

We see Hip Obscene as an outlet for the alternative yet culturally in-tune community that wants to see what else is out there. So we generally focus on whats currently going on in the underground then reporting on already reported mainstream current events. By giving many unknown alternatives music and content a chance; this is were the Obscene concept comes in to play.

Hip Obscene can be broken down to me Hip=culture and Obscene=Obscenity (offensive to moral principles) not the norm; which indirectly defines the underground culture. The underground is considered the home of the outcast those who do not fit in. Although most fads and trends come form the outcast finding their own way. Such as hip hop, punk rock, house music and so on. Hip Obscene embodies this idea allowing the out cast; the underground to always have a place even when they are ran out their own home.

Hip Obscene sees both the audience and the artist as one in making the moment possible.


Seen as an Underground culture national geographic; maintaining both an educational and entertaining environment. Incorporating multiple on going in-house documentaries as well as multi genre and culture documentaries from varies time in history. Allowing all to be teachers; the Old school teaching the new School and the New School teaching the old school; Instead of a who did it better competition mind state which is never productive.

We do not critically judge people without putting constructive growth suggestions on the subject matter. In the 70’s and 80’s of underground culture there was no heavy criticism; do to the fact that everybody knew people were experimenting with something new. We stand by this and give people the opportunity to experiment, grow and learn. The underground culture is a constant learning experience; due the fact it is always growing. This is why we maintain documentation to keep capturing the moment clearly so it can be pass on. We don’t see Hip Obscene as just a magazine but the opportunity to maintain on going Documentary that we are all apart of.

Sharing new experiences in the culture and treating every person with equal respect across the broad as a professional loving their craft and style and is willing to share.




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