Grown Azz Kids

Dwight Bonair (a Native of Bayonne NJ) and others have started a non profit Production Community call Grown Azz Kids. Thier mission is to help build Dreams, through education and cooperation. If we can learn from each other and deal with each other, nothing can stop us from producing our dreams. For them life is a production which definitely needs a group corporation.

Grown Azz Kids help bring together artist t from all genres of art to  produce, support and distribute their work to all forms of media.

At the Moment Grown Azz Kids Has Started an Urban Comic Program where inspiring artist and writers could come together and express their visions. And get the opportunity to be published in the monthly comic book or Create their own. And is in works on creating multiple online video programs

Grown Azz Kids was first visualized in 2004 to be a production spin off of the movie kids with a urban rat pack mentality, with Harold Hunter and Dwight Bonair Also known as Black Ceazar at the head. Due to uncontrolled situations and the death of Harold Hunter it as lost but not forgotten. With belief in the vision and determination Black Ceazar and Harold Hunter (in the Afterlife looking over him); reinvented Grown Azz Kids as production community. To revive those who believe it is too late to fulfill their child hood dreams.  Because is never too late to fulfill dreams our, it is what give life and freedom. The ability to bring your dreams back to life and never let them die for deep down you are your dreams.

Interestingly Bayonne NJ is inbreeded with the spirit of Independent production as having the first independent Film studio Started by David Horsely in 1907 “Centaur Film Company”. Later he would go on to build the first Film Studio in Hollywood


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