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[tx_row][tx_column size=”1/3″][tx_services style=”square” title=” Storytelling Time Workshop ” icon=”fa-group”] To help get grown azz kids vision as an educational production development center dedicated to education and promotion of good business relations between artists, entrepreneur and Businesses. Grown Azz  Kids and Artist Den created this program called The Playground.

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[tx_column size=”1/3″][tx_services style=”square” title=”The Playground” icon=”fa-comments”] The Playground is the home of ideas, with forums, play readings and other events built around performance programs. Creating an artistic community, identifying the key social narratives, reflecting the broader community through its storytelling.

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[tx_column size=”1/3″][tx_services style=”square” title=” The Mad Hatter ” icon=”fa-ticket”] Dwight Bonair also known as “The Mad Hatter” designs his production of artwork like an Alice in Wonderland shamanic experience. His first production is bringing his collection of theatrical shorts Called The Comic Book which is design in a monologue style giving praise to life as a stage.

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A program design in organizing and sharpen one’s ability to tell a story; to tell their story. All of art can be seen as telling a story through expression.  We want to create a program that allows that very thing to happen. The workshop will not just consist of you learning how to express yourself better but also allow you to perform some of your newly learn craft at a small story telling time gathering /festival .


The Work shop will consist of

  • 1 to 1½ hour sessions
  • Acting and storytelling techniques that will help strengthen your performance
  • Picking a story you wish to tell or picking one from the story telling vault
  • OurOrganizing and Setting up your performance for either group performance or solo acts
  • Learning to support and help bring each other story to life giving visualization and life to their story

Coming Soon to the Artist Den  at 291 Avenue A Bayonne, NJ

for more info on Artist Den


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Theatre Roles

Theater in general is a collaborative art.It isn’t about the actor – it’s about the team.  While the actors bring to life the playwright’s words, behind the scenes is a team of people who have created synergy to make the production itself happen.

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The Signature Theatre Company, Backstage photos of Zooman and The Sign.  The Peter Norton Space

Production Schedule

This is a production Schedule is revised from the Guide To Producing In Community Theatre, 2nd Edition Theatre Ontario. This is a guide line of a solid production time and arrangement may vary to due to the side of the production.

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theatre roles

Join US

This member of the workshop to be apart of our community. Contact us on facebook at or email us at Contact[at] Our  Social Membership Group Coming Soon where people will be able to communicate via site.



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comic1&2 3dComic book has a life of its own as it speaks to you, an urban Shakespearian experience of madness with no true star but the stage of life and its dreams. A modern Macbeth were our fallen greats speak to you from the after with cries of hope. As hero’s like Rick James and Gil Scott Heron makes an appearance in volume one. With an anthropologic look at our culture, we observe New York City and The Artist Prince like never before. Sprinkle through the comic are snippets of hip hop verses that jump of the page leaving you in Awe. , It is not generally written as a conversation to the reader or allowing the reader to observe a conversation.

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