Grown Azz Kids: The Comic Book

The Book Comic
An Abstract collection of comic strips, from the mind of Black Cea’zar a mix of hip hop and social consciousness from the world of a Mad king, Mature content with no form of apology and no care of criticism. Just art being express whenever it feels like it, the freedom of Grown Azz Kids. We are all Grown Azz Kids the old fighting to maintain their youth, the young striving to be grown.
The comic book is an urban Shakespeare experience of madness with no true star but the stage of life and its dreams. In times modern Macbeth, where a mad king speaks to the dead and for them; with cries of hope and vengeance from our falling kings and queens. . As hero’s like Rick James and Gil Scott Heron makes an appearance in volume one. With an anthropologic look at our culture, we observe New York City and The Artist Prince like never before. Sprinkle through the comic are snippets of hip hop verses that jump of the page leaving you in Awe. An array of passion, love, betrayal and the mysteries of life unravel through the hard ache and injustice.  The comic book we call life.


The art design is based on bringing a realistic visualization of the writing from a childish perspective; a cut and paste style which gives a very surreal life effect. It makes you feel that anyone could do it; that allows the reader to relate more with the writing as “I could have wrote this”.

The Comic book has a life of its own as it speaks to you, It is generally written as a conversation to the reader or allowing the reader to observe a conversation. The True star of Grown Azz Kids is Life the stage and how it is observed and enjoyed. This is the first we are looking to create either a monthly or quarterly release base on sales and demand. My background is in film and production mostly but creative art is my passion.

I currently just print he comic but through Create space but and an account with Ka-blaam to print the comic is color and comic book style.


Preview comic here

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