Grown Azz  Kids presents The Playground “Every Sunday”

Join Us Every Sunday @ The Playground

The Playground
The purpose of the Playground 
is to create a program and avenue to allow creativity the freedom it deserves. We created a very clear and open platform for this purpose, all the fundamentals of creating art, theatrical performances, educational productions and social commentary.

There is Games Prizes and Performances and Many More.

There are scripts and ideals of plays being crafted as we speak. But the Program is open to all possibilities and ideals for original and classical performances. If you can organize a group who is willing to work together then your ready to go and have our full support.   


The Playground is where GAK will tests out new innovations and artistic practice. It works with a broad audience and wants to expose people to different ways of thinking about artistic practice. The long term goal is that some developmental work and artists will eventually be part of our Grown Azz Kids program.

This is a new experience so we try our best to give all the necessary tools to build the acquired goal/dream from great resources. There is the Breakdown of a Production Schedule, a list of all the Roles of a Theatre and many more tools to help make a successful production.

We Organized by a group of independent producers and artist who goal is to share a help build the community by positive social gathering and creative artistic activities and programs.


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