Grown Azz Kids And Transactional Analysis



Knowing the importance of social interactions and Human psychology prompt Dwight Bonair to began to study the science. Being a producer and writer and knowing such study will strengthen his writing, he stumbled on Eric Berne’s Games People Play in 2004.

The work was so prolific and blend with the ideology of Grown Azz Kids ( incidentally Grown Azz Kids can also be seen as a representation of the three ego states Adult, Parent, Child)   understanding and seeing the value of getting this knowledge to the people. Dwight started to incorporate Eric Berne’s science into grown azz kids; seeing the successful result from his own personal problems. Knowing this science could help us deal and understand many of our own social issues.

Better understanding of Human psychology and social interactions naturally helps create good working environment and allows artistic flow to flourish. One of our universal problems that plague the modern entertainment world.


Eric Berne’s theoretical explanation of what happens in normal social interaction and fundamental breakdown through the TA ideology. Is a producer and writer’s wonderland of understanding the human nature and society also is amazing for character building. Structures like ego states, Scripts, games and payoff’s creates an indebt understanding of psychology that is very clear, entertaining and attractive to the layman culture that are unfamiliar with indebt psychology.


It allows people to be their own producer and develop a script/dream that is suitable and success in their daily life. This is the goal of grown azz kids and the premise of creating it as a production community. It allows people to be producers of their own script/dream and through good cooperation we can help build each other’s script/dream.

The structure allows the interaction of psychology that is appealing to the current masses as everyone wishes to be the star of their own script.


Understanding the basis of games and the fundamental units of TA will give society a necessary advantage needed to create healthy social interactions. As written in the about transactions defined “without such fundamental there can be no real progress.”


Excerpt from


under transactions defined

For example, the study of chemistry was revolutionized with the atomic theory of John Dalton; without the atom as a fundamental unit, the advancement of chemistry as a science would have proceeded slowly or not at all. By identifying and defining a transaction, Berne provided to the psychotherapeutic sciences the “atom” that was needed to allow for rigorous analysis.”


We are in the works of creating projects that will create exercises allowing group therapy processes to be more entertaining an attractive to a multiple of communities. Such as plays, short films, art and writing programs all design to strengthen social interaction and personal psychological development.


We are first working on introducing the TA methodology through short films showing how the science exists in modern society.


Grown Azz Kids is Not Just a Production Community, It is also a production designed like an Alice in Wonderland shamanic experience of self-discovery. Through connecting with nature and finding appreciation in our past. With Multiple projects such a Novels, Comic books, clothing, Art work, documentary, short film and music that spreads a strong mature uplifting message.


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