Fuol’s World Art Collective


uol’s World is a platform for multi-media artist to network gain exposure, and share skills and knowledge with one another and the Community. Hosting events, collaborative art exhibitions, group projects, concerts, theatrical plays, and more!

Tony Mathew known as Master Fuol who has stared in Mtv’s lyricist Lounge show and a Wu Tang Clan Affiliated member. Together with Black Cea’zar also Known as Dwight Bonair of Hip Obscene Magazine and Grown Azz Kids Prod . Organized Fuol’s World to bring more creative options and opportunities to the community in a whole. Bringing people and sponsors from all walks of life; with on going productions throughout the city; creating multiple styles of Collaborations.

With the Support of Wu Tang Clan and Lyricist Lounge Alumni allowing all in the community share their art with the world.

Fuols Worlds :The fool/fuol meaning Free Spirit we are A World of Free Spirits with the freedom of Expression. Welcome Family


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