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In 2004 while creating an web base video production called Hip Obscene Televised under the name Independently Underground. Dwight “Black Ceazar “ Bonair was introduce to Harold Hunter the two later visualized Grown Azz Kids as an Actor’s Workshop that allow aspiring actor to produce and preform in actually a short filmed scene which they could put on their resume. Shortly after Harold Hunter died; with the loss of his friend Dwight Bonair and uncontrolled situations which forced him to canel Hip Obscene. Dwight went through a soul searching experience to see what direction to take his life. The Idea of creating an outlet where talented people could learn and produce their vision became Dwight  Bonair Passion. He Later redesign Grown Azz Kids to fit that propose, producing project and platforms that can educate as well as inspire artist.

Grown Azz Kids are independent artist and producers who self-invent in their passions and support each other goals and dreams. Who has come together knowing unification creates results. Brought together by Dwight with mutual interest in see our dreams come to light and supporting each other how we can. By Trading skills, collaborating and group support we have been able to help get one step closer to our goal. We hope through our actions we can to create an example that will allow people to believe that they can achieve their goal and dreams together. This is what Grown Azz Kids want to promote and express to the world.

Grown Azz Kids Production Community Goal is to be an educational production development center. That will allow artist and participants of all kinds to learn to work together and produce works of art and build good business work ethics. With the realization that many great art and production get under mine and incompleted due to bad business and unfair critcsim. We are focusing on broad audience from ages 17-45 and upwards for our motto is “No Dream Left Behind

Knowing the importance of social interactions and Human psychology prompt Dwight Bonair to began to study the science. Being a producer and writer and knowing such study will strengthen his writing, he stumbled on Eric Berne’s Games People Play in 2004.

The work was so prolific and blend with the ideology of Grown Azz Kids ( incidentally Grown Azz Kids can also be seen as a representation of the three ego states Adult, Parent, Child)   understanding and seeing the value of getting this knowledge to the people. Dwight started to incorporate Eric Berne’s science into grown azz kids; seeing the successful result from his own personal problems. Knowing this science could help us deal and understand many of our own social issues.

What is great about Transactional analysis is that it embraces a positive view of human nature, Grown Azz kids base our philosophy on it’s principals such as:

  • All people are important and their concerns are valid.
  • All people should be treated as equals and with respect.
  • With a few exceptions, all people have the ability to think as adults.
  • All people decide their own destiny and can make changes to it.

Which these fundamental principals we can come together and build our dreams effortlessly.

It allows us to free ourselves from maladaptive patterns of behavior based on past thinking which hindered productive growth and allows us to choose a new direction in life. By creating new decisions about our current behavior and changing the direction those behavior are taking our lives. This teaches us how to write own life story/script instead of following the one written for us, by help gaining both cognitive and emotional insight into any situation that lies before us.

The process of working together to establish a specific goal to treat or solve an issue using TA techniques then just expression that there is a problem and approaching it with a generic solution. Allow individuals the ability create a solution catered to them.

To create a good healthly environment it takes a corporation of the surrounding community inward and outward. This is truly the definition of a production. When people come together to do anything it is a production once people understand it from that perspective. They are more willing to work and uphold their position knowing that we will all benefit in the end as well as get the credit rightfully earned. And then they are able to stand back and say with respect “I help build that” “I was apart of this”.

The concept of grown Azz kids come from the reality we are mature individuals that are always growing and assuming.  For what is true now might change and for that reason we need to use our ability to teach each and help each other grow.


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